Our Best-Price Guarantee

With every Great Pocono Home you will enjoy our Apples-for-Apples Best Price Guarantee. We guarantee that we can beat the price of any Pocono Builder, apples-for-apples, on any home.

If you bring us the plans, building specifications, a written and detailed proposal, including allowances any and all inclusions and exceptions from any Pocono builder we'll prepare a proposal that beats their price.

How can we afford to do this? At Great Pocono Homes we have developed tried and true practices and procedures for building homes efficiently and cost effectively. We have leveraged the volume of homes we produce with our contractors and suppliers in order to achieve the greatest savings in the cost of construction - a savings that allows us to not only build homes with some of the best materials on the market, but to offer you our Best Price Guarantee.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions about our Best Price Guarantee or to request additional information.

Terms and Conditions: Price, building materials and specifications are used to value our Best Price offer. Enough detail must be provided in order for us to provide a fair and accurate apples-for-apples evaluation and proposal. If we determine that more detail is required, we may request written contract details, building plans, building specifications, and any and all inclusions and allowances in written form. This will allow us the opportunity not only to beat our competitor's price, but to provide you with our absolute best price. 

All construction agreements are subject to consideration and written acceptance by both parties. This guarantee, in and of itself does not constitute a contract between Great Pocono Homes, LLC or any of its affiliates or any individual or party. Any pricing, proposal, plans or contract presented for Best Price consideration is at the sole discretion of, and will be evaluated by Great Pocono Homes,LLC. Where it is determined that a lower price can be offered by Great Pocono Homes, we will provide the price directly to the customer. The price will remain valid for 60 days. Upon acceptance of the Best Price offer a written contract will be presented for execution between the parties. Great Pocono Homes, LLC retains the right to reject any proposal for consideration of its Best Price Guarantee that it determines, in its sole discretion, to be modified, unsubstantial, dubious, implausible, fraudulent, inconceivable, or patently unreasonable.
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