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How To Choose A Pocono Builder That's Right For You

The Poconos has seen its share of bad builders - builders who take deposits and you see little results, builders who don't focus on their customer's needs and wants, and builders who over-charge or push "upgrades" to drive up the cost of the home.  Bad builders have bad business practices and take advantage of unsuspecting customers who, at the beginning, are more focused on the completed home and less focused on the all-important process of how to get there.  So here's everything you need to know to select the builder that's not only a great builder, but the builder that is right for you.

Builders come in all shapes and sizes, and not every builder can meet every customer's needs. Much like a doctor, lawyer or mechanic, builders can be widely specialized. From country cottages to beach-front mansions and from custom homes to production housing, the skills and expertise needed for each vary greatly.

While how many years a builder has been in business is a good indicator of a successful company, it is not the only one. There is much more to consider.  These Top 10 tips to selecting a builder will not only help you make a sound, informed decision, but will make the building process a lot easier when the time comes to start your dream home in the Poconos.

10) Choose a builder that is well established, can show you model homes, and is properly licensed and insured. If a builder can't show they're well-established, run the other way.

 9) Choose a builder that DOES NOT require a deposit on construction. With the exception of small up-front costs, such as blueprint fees or permitting, no builder should require money up front.  Any builder that requires a deposit on actual construction of your home should be avoided.  It's a big, red flag. Unless you are financing through a lender, who requires 5%,10%, or 20% down as a condition of financing, you do not have to put money down to have a house built in the Poconos.  Any builder who requires it, isn't someone you should do business with.

 8) Choose a builder that is an "accredited" member of the Better Business Bureau.  Accredited members are researched and graded, unlike others listed on their sites.  A company that gets accredited tends to care about its reputation and its standing within the community.

 7) Choose a builder that "specializes" in the size, style and type of home you are interested in. You wouldn't hire a real estate attorney to sue your dentist, so make sure you choose a builder skilled in the type of home you are considering.

 6) Choose a builder that readily offers many references from past customers. The availability of references is very important. If a builder can't proudly point to satisfied customers, there may not be any.

 5) Choose a builder that has a comprehensive and specific contract that outlines all costs, timelines and specifications and that clearly explains the obligations of both the builder and the customers.  You also want to be sure the contract allows for plenty of time for contract review.  If a builder pushes you to sign anything, chances are you are not in for a good experience.

 4) If you are planning to finance your new home, choose a builder that has a working relationship with more than one lender and can explain the construction loan process. Construction loans are not conventional mortgages and a knowledgeable builder will easily be able to explain the difference and refer you to lenders who can help you get financed.

 3) If you don't already own land, select a builder who is also a licensed real estate broker.  In Pennsylvania it is perfectly legal to sell land that is not buildable... and not every parcel of land in the Poconos is buildable.   A builder with a broker's license can legally help you shop for a buildable lot and eliminate all the risk in buying a bad lot.  Furthermore, a builder who is a broker can help you select from many, many building lots and locations and should be able to offer much more than the lots they themselves own.  A common misconception is that builders own all the land they build on. On the contrary, most builders own little, if any land, so it's really smart to choose a builder that is also a licensed broker and has access to the MLS and thousands of building lots for you to choose from.

 2) Choose a builder that does not try to ell you a home bigger than you need or a bunch of "upgrades" you don't need or want.  It shows desperation and greed, so avoid high-pressure builders with high-pressure salespeople.   You shouldn't be pushed into building a home and once you decide to build, you shouldn't be pushed into spending more money than you planned, especially for over-priced upgrades.  Most bigger builders make huge profits on up-selling a bigger house and up-selling upgrades.  Avoid them at all cost.

 1) Most importantly, choose someone you are comfortable with. The home building experience is only as good as the relationship you have with your builder. If you're not comfortable on the first visit, you're not likely to end up a happy customer. Your builder should be welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable... not pushy or "salesy."

So what makes Great Pocono Homes different from every other builder in the Poconos?

  •     The price you see is the price you pay
  •     We are the only builder with a No-Gimmicks & No-Hidden Cost Policy
  •     We never ask you to sign or buy anything
  •     The models we show are homes we actually built... not our office
  •     We specialize in affordable, small and mid-sized chalets, ranches and 2-story homes
  •     We don't take a deposit on construction
  •     You never pre-pay for any construction work
  •     We can customize any of our homes, often at no additional cost
  •    We will beat any other Pocono builder's price... and we guarantee it
  •    We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau
  •     We never try to sell you a bunch "upgrades" you don't need or may not even want
  •     All of our homes come with an exclusive Lifetime Limited Warranty that is not available from any other builder
  •     You can select one of our customizable plans or provide your own and we'll price it with our Best-Price guarantee
  •     We provide testimonials and referrals from as many past customers as you'd like

    Want to learn more?  Just check out our website, request a free catalog and schedule an appointment to see a model home and we'll explain everything you need to know about having your dream home built in the Poconos.

    All showings are by appointment and remember, unlike most builders, you are never asked to sign or buy anything.


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