Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Are your homes already built?

No. All homes are built to order and customized to meet your specific needs. That doesn't mean they cost more, it just means you get the house you want it - the way you want it. It's important that the house meets your family's needs, size and budget requirements. 

Where do you build?
We build in all parts of the Poconos, from Carbon County up to Pike County.

How long does it take to build a house?
From groundbreaking it takes about 5 months on average. Quality can not be rushed and there are very strict codes and dozens of inspections that are required during the construction of a home to make sure that the house is not only built soundly, but that it is safe and is being completed to our standards and your needs.

Do the listed prices include land, or do we have to own land already?
No. The prices listed don't include land because some people already own land and land prices vary depending upon size and location. If you don't own a lot, as part of the process we work with you to choose a lot that is in an area that you like and meets your needs, expectations, and budget.

What is a "Homes/Land" package?
If you don't already own land and wish to buy both a building lot and a home and are financing the combined purchase, we refer to it as a "home/land package." Basically there are two parts of the process;

1) Choosing a home
2) Choosing a lot

If you already own land you can just finance the construction if you choose.

If I already own land, will that count toward my down payment if I am financing through a lender?
Yes. The value of the land can be considered toward your down payment if you are financing with a construction loan.

If I already own land, how do I know it is buildable?
Contact our office and we can discuss what requirements need to be met in order for a lot to be built upon. Not all land in Pennsylvania is buildable. We can help determine if your property is buildable.

If I don't already own a lot, how much can I expect to spend on a lot? 
Lot prices vary greatly based upon size and location. We have lots starting in the $5,000 range. View lots, game-lands lots and lake front lots are significantly higher. 

How do we know what land is available?
After receiving our catalog of homes and seeing our model homes, we have one of our agents work with you to choose a lot that meets your needs in terms of location, size and price. 

Does your company own the land?
Since our building area is so vast, we do not own most of the land that we build upon, but we do help customers acquire the lot of their choice with our in-house and local real estate agents. We do it this way because we want you to have as much choice as possible when it comes to choosing the perfect home location. 
Where are your model homes?
Our model homes are located near our Jim Thorpe/Albrightsville area office and are shown by appointment.

How do you go about financing a new home?
There are several ways of financing a new home. One way is with an equity loan on an existing property. The most popular way, however, is with what is called a Construction Loan. 

Do you have lenders who offer Construction Loans?
Yes. We are an approved builder with many lenders, including well known local and national banks. You can also find construction lenders online.

Can I use my own bank for financing? 
Yes, if your lender offers Construction financing, which differs from a conventional mortgage we would be happy to work with them. 

What is the difference between a mortgage loan and construction loan?
Simply stated, a mortgage loan finances a product - an existing home. A construction loan finances a project, the building of a home. At the end of construction it converts to a traditional mortgage. Keep in mind that most mortgage lenders do not finance construction, so be sure to ask for a construction loan or construction-to-perm (permanent) loan. 

What are the qualifications for a construction loan?
Any of our lenders can provide detail on loan qualifications. Good credit, usually a FICO score of 650 or higher is required, in addition to a good work history, and the ability to repay. You must be able to show documented income and have a debt-to-income ration of about 40%.or less

Are there programs for first-time home buyers? 
Yes. Some of the lenders we work with offer federal loan programs with great incentives and federal tax credits for primary home buyers. Check out our Financing Your Dream Page for more information.

Are there tax benefits to owning a second home?
Yes! Consult your tax advisor for details.

Should I get pre-qualified before shopping for a new home?
If your credit score is below 700 or you own more than 4 rental properties or you have declared bankruptcy, you should get pre-qualified or at least speak to one of our lending agents prior to investing too much time in shopping for a new construction home.

If I feel I am qualified, what do I do next?
The first step in completing the information request form. We will send you our catalog of homes. If you like what you see, simply give us a call or send us an e-mail to set up an appointment to see our model homes. We have a number of styles and sizes to see. You can speak with our showing agent about any questions you may have. They will explain the entire building process. 

Please know that we walk you through the entire process and never ask or pressure you to sign anything or buy anything! 

Models tours are available by appointment 7 days/week, including weekday evenings. Click here to schedule a model tour.
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