The Building Process

The first question we get asked is "How does it work?" or "What is the process?"

Well, we make the process as simple and as affordable possible.

First, after you've reviewed our website and requested a catalog of our homes simply call or e-mail us to schedule a tour of our model homes. We can show you completed homes and homes under construction.

During this no-pressure tour we will explain the entire process and answer all of your questions about our homes and the building process. It's important to know that unlike most builders, we never ask you to sign or buy anything.

If you like what you see and are interested in moving forward, we can show you lots that are available for sale in the area if you don't already own land. If you already own a lot, we'd be happy to take a look at it and/or discuss what is needed to make it "buildable."  Not all land in the Poconos is buildable and it's still perfectly legal to buy and sell land that is not buildable, so we want to make sure you're working with a buildable lot.  We'll explain that process too and make sure your lot is indeed approved for building before you sign anything or spend a penny. 

If you decide to have us build your home we work with you on a design,take care of all the paperwork to get the process under way and actually start building your home within about six weeks.  During that time we work with you on floor plans, color selections and land requirements and permitting.

All of our homes are built to order and to building code using 2x6 construction. We don't build modular, pre-fab, or manufactured homes. We build quality homes with quality materials from manufacturers you know, like Andersen Windows, Owens Corning, and Certainteed. You can check out our Building Specifications, below, to see exactly what we build into our homes, in addition to our No-Hidden-Cost Policy. 

With your new home you will have your choice of cabinets, over 100 different counter tops, carpets, and vinyl flooring to choose from - all standard! You'll even have your choice of fireplace stone, siding colors and styles and a number of other features.  You will have more standard options included with our homes than you would with any area builder - everything to make your dream home unique, special, affordable, and... yours.

With our many popular and affordable home designs and floor plans to choose from, we can help you select the one that meets your every need and customize it to your specifications, mostly at no additional cost. We have many great home plans to choose from but we can also build from your plans or from plans you've found online. 

We can also assist you in obtaining financing through one of our local lenders. 

You have our personal commitment to giving you a great experience and building you a Great Pocono Home.  Great homes start and finish with great products and a great process.  Listed below are our building specifications - the materials and standards by which we build our homes.  All materials and craftsmanship meet or exceed Pennsylvania building requirements. And our No-Hidden-Cost Policy insures that you know exactly what you're going to pay for your home BEFORE you have it built and before you spend a penny..


Lot Clearing / Foundation / Grading:
Clear trees/ brush as needed for driveway, home, grading around the home, and well & septic
Footer and foundation excavation
Slab on grade to code or CMU crawl space
Insulation foundation to code
Exterior foundation coating up to finished grade and coat of cement parging above finished grade
Back-fill with existing material from property
Grading to code. Elevations set by contractor / code
Up to 50’ of shale driveway with crushed stone topping. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature

Floor Construction
Slab and/or Joists - 1st floor - 2” x 10” 16” O.C.— Joists - 2nd floor - 2” x 10” 16” O.C. Subfloor - 3/4” 50-year T&G flooring; glued and nailed.
Choice of select vinyl floor covering. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
Choice of select carpet. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature

Wall Construction
Exterior wall framing - 2” x 6” 16” O.C.
Exterior subsiding of 7/16’ OSB or plywood sheathing.
Tyvek or comparable House Wrap
Vinyl siding in select colors
Aluminum fascia in choice of select colors
Interior wall framing - 2” x 4” 16” O.C.
Interior wall covering, 1/2” drywall
Interior walls painted off-white color, ceilings painted white

Roof Construction
Ceiling joists 2” x 6” or 2” x 8” 16” O.C.
Roof rafters 2”x8” or 2”x10” or 2”x12” 16” O.C.
Roof sheeting OSB or plywood sheathing
15 lb. asphalt paper and 1 1/2 course ice and water shield
Owens Corning 30-year Fiberglass Seal-Down Architect roof shingles. A Great Pocono Homes Standard Feature
Aluminum ridge vent and vinyl vented soffits
White aluminum leaders and seamless gutters

Exterior walls: R-21 or as/per code R-30 or R-38 as/per code
Slab, basements, garages insulated to code
Exterior Doors and Windows
Energy-Star Silverline Windows by Andersen: double hung, low-E, dual glazed, with optional grills. Window screens and hardware included. A Great Pocono Homes Standard Feature.
Insulated entry doors, primed, ready to paint; fiberglass or steel.
Interstate or comparable sliders with screens and hardware.

PEX system or equivalent as/per code. Standard! A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
PVC drains and vents to code
Electric 50 gal. dual element, quick recovery, water heater
1 exterior frost free water spigot
Washer and dryer hookups
1 Sump pump if required in crawl space— A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature.

1 piece fiberglass tub/shower combination units, walk-in shower with seat, Aqua Glass or comparable corner showers
Choice of bathroom fixtures: brushed nickel or chrome
Choice of vanity with mirror.
Well and Septic
200’ Well, 40’ of casing & 1/2 hp pump.
Up to 600 sq ft conventional elevated sand mound with 14” sand included. A Great Pocono Homes Standard Feature

Stone fireplace with choice of wood or gas with hearth and mantel. Gas unit includes thermostat and blower. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
Zoned baseboard heat with wall-mounted thermostats in each room – to code
Geo-thermal heating and cooling available on all models

200 amp service and wiring to code
Outlet spacing as/per code
Light fixtures in all living areas, outside front and rear door, and in crawl space.
1 Double-headed spot light
Exterior ground fault receptacles at each entry door
One ceiling fan in great room
Two cable TV receptacles
Two telephone jacks

Kitchen cabinets - choice of select styles and colors.
Formica countertop and matching backsplash, choice of select colors. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
Stainless steel sink, standard. Stainless steel appliances available.
30” flat-top range, choice of white, black or bone. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
18 cubic foot refrigerator, choice of white, black or bone. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
dishwasher, choice of white, black or bone. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature

Pressure treated lumber; standard with steps, rails, and spindles to code

Gas or wood, zero clearance fireplace with brick or stone face and limestone hearth and mantel. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature

Interior Doors & Millwork
Clear pine. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature
Flush stain grade doors in choice of select stain colors or primed 6 panel hollow-core doors.
Stain or paint-grade colonial trim and moldings
Stain or paint grade door jambs and casings

Other Features:

Basements, raised basements and garages are available for any home

All standard plans and specifications may be changed or customized to meet your needs
Senior-Friendly features available for all homes, including 36" interior doorways, lever handles, rocker light switches, motion-sensor lights, carpet-free rooms, security systems, ramps, walk-in showers with rails and seats, etc.

Due to changes in building code, differences in municipal and POA requirements, design changes, and site conditions, all specifications may change over time.

These specifications are for information purposes only.

Lifetime Limited Warranty:
Issued upon completion of the home. A Great Pocono Homes Exclusive Feature!


No-Hidden-Cost Policy: Only Available At Great Pocono Homes!

At Great Pocono Homes we pride ourselves on building you a new home at a great price without any surprises. When we sell you a home, you know all the costs involved and what you can expect to pay BEFORE you sign a contract. To that end, we disclose all costs and possible costs that may arise. While all of our home pricing represents a fixed cost, the items outlined below are costs that are not controlled by Great Pocono Homes. Most of these costs are a requirement of building codes and/or are set by state, county, municipality, property owners association, or utility, vendor, subcontractor, or other suppliers. However rare, if they do arise we do everything possible to avoid and mitigate these costs on your behalf.

Land: If you are buying land on which we will build your home, an Estimated Closing Cost Statement will be provided to you. These costs are the same as with any type of land purchase or property transfer in the State of Pennsylvania and are formalized through the settlement process. An agent will explain these costs in detail. No surprises! If you already own land and it is part of an Association, they may charge fees (usually only a few hundred dollars) to build on your lot.
Financing Costs: Any and all fees charged by financial institutions vary and are at the discretion of the lender. If you plan on financing your home, our lending agents can provide you with details.

Home Construction: Blueprints and Permits: Great Pocono Homes does not accept deposits on new construction. However, upon signing a construction agreement you will need $4,500 to cover the costs of all the required blueprints and township zoning and building permits and inspection fees. Property owners are responsible for payment of any property owner association fees, including, but not limited to applications, inspections, connections, bonding, security, road damage deposits, fines, and any other association related costs as required by the community, development, or association or code. These costs are not controlled by Great Pocono Homes and are therefore outside the fixed cost of your new home. These fees are subject to change and vary by municipality and POA.

Well Drilling; A 200’ well is included and is standard depth for each new home. Any required additional or deeper well drilling and casing, however rare, is unpredictable and therefore may involve additional cost; Or if it is determined upon drilling that a larger pump is needed, or any other water and well requirement above the usual and customary expense is determined to be necessary, as determined by Great Pocono Homes, it is a cost to be borne by the owner.

Voluntary and Other Costs: In the event that you request changes after you have accepted and signed your preliminary blueprints, rough blueprints, and final blue prints, there is a $200.00 fee per change, addition, or alteration in addition to the actual material cost of the change. This is rare, as we allow plenty of time and opportunity for review of plans and changes.  Additional materials, such as requested changes and upgrades, additional courses of block on the foundation, additional excavation, additional back-fill other than existing site material, culvert or additional drainage pipe, septic changes, elevated sand mounds approved for building on slopes, aerobic septic tanks, grinder pumps, additional sump pumps, silt fencing, soil stabilization, rain gardens, landscaping of any kind, dry wells, environmental requirements, storm water management, water gardens, surveys, as-built surveys, results of settling, changes to the land, and any other community requirements are at Owner expense. Paved driveways, finish grading, seeding and landscaping are not recommended until the ground has settled for a year and are at your option and expense. Snow plowing, interior furnishings such as drapes, shower curtain, rods, paper and towel holders, door stops, and other minor fixtures are the responsibility of the homeowner. All homes are cleaned for occupancy, but may require additional cleaning by the Owner. Additional telephone poles and underground utilities are not standard and are at owner’s expense. Owners are required to establish accounts in their name for utilities. Fees charged by utilities or other parties for electricity, gas tanks, gas connections, hookups, etc. for any and all utilities including, but not limited to electric service, gas fireplaces, water testing, wall heaters, phone, cable, and other services and appliances are not included and are the responsibility of the customer. Customer retains right of choice of suppliers.
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